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Summer Sermon Series

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Pr. Tim and Pr. Marsha have been brainstorming about our summer worship schedule, and are excited to announce three summer worship series to span June, July, and August. Two of these series involve a book that you are welcome to purchase if you would like to read some of the inspiration for each Sunday sermon, but you by no means need to read the book to glean the wisdom or understand what’s going on.

The first sermon series will kick off on May 27 (our first Sunday for the 8:15 + 9:45 am worship schedule), and will go for six weeks highlighting one chapter from Rowan Williams short but insightful book, Being Disciples: Essentials for the Christian Life. Williams will invite us into faithfully pondering the practices of discipleship for modern-day living.

The second series will kick off on July 8 and will once again be a study on Seasons of Creation, focusing on how the Word of God calls forth life throughout the scriptures. This series will culminate on July 22 when we will celebrate our “VBS: The Beginning” weekend in worship that morning through fun and song. 

The final series will kick off on August 19 (the Sunday after Summerfest) and bring us all the way to Rally/Raleigh day, utilizing Rowan William’s other applicable work, Being Christian: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, and Prayer. By focusing on each of these four elements of ancient Christianity we find the foundation for our living faith.

Join us all summer long for faith and learning! The color for summer in the church year is green which stands for “spiritual growth.” We’re taking that seriously again this year, knowing that God will continue to pour faith, hope, and love into our very lives.

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